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Stuff Ads Partnership

Antony & Mates are the exclusive agency partner for Stuff Ads Christchurch.

Antony & Mates is proud to announce that they are the exclusive agency partner for Stuff Ads in Christchurch. Stuff Ads is Stuff’s self service ad platform that allows New Zealand businesses to advertise on Stuff’s new site. In the wake of COVID-19 and the rise in popularity of social media encroaching on traditional media’s ability to generate revenue, it is impressive to see the innovation that Stuff is bringing to the digital marketing landscape. Antony & Mates are excited to be on this journey with Stuff and expose the Stuff Ads platform to as many businesses a possible.

Even though Stuff Ads is a self-service platform, as the Stuff Ad’s agency partner for Christchurch, businesses who utilise Antony & Mates for their Stuff Ad campaign delivery will receive $50 credit for every $150 they spend on Stuff Ads. This offer is exclusive to Antony & Mates and is a perfect combination with A&M’s fixed-price social media packages.

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