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Clive Antony

founding partner

Clive Antony is the Founding Partner at Antony & Mates. As a director, you would think that Clive is the ‘sensible one’ but in reality, he’s trying too hard to be young and hip like Izzy (he’s basically Phil Dunphy from Modern Family). Jokes aside, Clive is inspired and motivated daily by the prospect of leading and building an agency where relationships (mateship) is at the core of everything they do. Clive believes that when you have a positive and strong relationship with someone, the possibilities of what success looks like and how it manifests is endless. He takes this mindset into every campaign and relationship that has been built at Antony & Mates and it’s been a winning formula so far.

Clive has a passion for being the person that dreams big, set aspirational vision and the ‘long game’ strategy with his clients. His speciality lies in knowing everything when it comes to social media. From digital media buying and how to leverage the current social media landscape to emerging platforms. Clive is at the coalface of debates and discussions around the future of social media and the impact it will have in the New Zealand economy and society. Clive engages in speaking engagements on social media and marketing across New Zealand with notable organisations such as the University of Canterbury, the Marketing Association and New Zealand Broadcasting School. 


Clive also specialises in digital political communication and has spoken internationally in countries such as Germany and Uganda on how to use digital tools to promote democracy.

Clive is always looking for an excuse for a cheeky long black or pint of Guinness, so give him one.


Peter Glasson

managing partner

Pete is the “traditional” one in the office. A straight shooter, everything he does is everything you would expect. Pete thrives on problem solving and planning, whilst being kept away from distracting the Creative Team with wild, unimaginative ideas.


He started his career interning at Harvey Cameron in Christchurch, and then when he went to leave and look for “a real job”, he was told he’d be having no such luck. He was told in no uncertain terms that he best turn up bright eyed and bushy tailed the following Monday.


Fast forward nearly three years, having worked on chips, homes, sheds, Local Government agencies, small goods, and a university, Pete boarded the plane for the land of tea, scones and soggy, vinegary fish and chips. Landing on his feet at Ogilvy UK in London, Pete worked on the British Airways account spending his days contrasting the London grey to constant stream of beautiful holiday clickbait creative that the client rather unreasonably requested in their creative.


Following his Ogilvy UK stint, Pete moved to an independent agency with a focus on branding and above the line creative. Whilst at AndRising, Pete lead a number of TV productions along with ongoing support for numerous client across FMCG, build-to-let property, finance, stationary and rental cars.


Whether you’re after a new brand, TV campaign or fan dangled website, Pete will be across the process with the team to make sure it’s all smooth sailing.


Izzy Clarke

creative lead

Izzy’s passion for creative is driven by her desire to memorise and identify every typeface she sees, in order to bother friends, family and colleagues with this cool party trick. She strives to create unique and harmonious designs, assisted by her sharp eye for detail, and never-ending hunger for consistency.


Izzy happily accepts her role as resident zoomer of the office, and enjoys keeping the team young and hip, at the expense of missing out on their obscure, and rather outdated, cultural references. Like most Gen-Z-ers, she enjoys long doom scrolls on her Twitter feed, indie-rock music, and eating enough ramen to feed a small family.


Francesca Frost

production specialist

From the mighty Hawkes Bay, Francesca developed an enthusiasm for videography as a child, regularly making mini music videos to One Direction songs with her friends. Known as DJ Frosty round the office, her taste in music unfortunately does not match her nickname as she solely listens to Taylor Swift…


Francesca graduated from the New Zealand Broadcasting School in June with a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications.


When Frosty isn’t behind the camera or cutting together videos, you can find her hanging out with her mates, so long as she is home by 9pm.


Matt Clough

creative & digital marketer

Resident “Dad Joke” and digital marketing expert, he loves combining puns with marketing to create effective campaigns. He loves staying up-to-date with the latest trends across social media, Google and everything digital.

Matt developed his passion for marketing through his sporting career as a Multi-Sport athlete. Dealing with multiple sponsors, he helped create content, develop social media campaigns, and assist in R&D. After becoming a World Champion, he decided to retire (at the ripe old age of 19) and study Marketing & Management at the University of Otago. In his spare time, you can find him attempting to play golf, diving for kaimoana and enjoying a Lemon, Lime, Bitters & Vodka down at his local.


Lucy Hammond

production specialist

From a young age, Lucy discovered she was a visual learner. Her passion for storytelling grew through watching films, eventually leading to graduating Film College with a Diploma in Screen Production. In her spare time you can find Lucy photographing the country’s biggest concerts and festivals, all while on zero sleep and lots of caffeine. If not behind the lens, she’ll be in front of the nearest screen binge watching Marvel films. Lucy is an absolute sucker for the perfect shot, and will go to great lengths to achieve the perfect amount of bokeh goodness. Maybe too far.


Zoe Corrigan

graphic designer

Zoe crafted a keen eye for aesthetics as a kid. From playing design games on the computer to drawing wherever she went. After high school, she wanted a practical use for her artistic abilities, which led to Zoe getting her Bachelor’s in Design (Visual Communication).


To put it simply, Zoe has always had a passion for ‘making things look pretty’ and finding beauty in the ordinary. When she’s not in the office, you can find Zoe cozied up on the couch building houses on The Sims, or looking for gems at the op shop.


Kirstyn Collins


Kirstyn was born and raised in Taranaki prior to making to leap of faith down to the mighty south for University!


Growing up, Kirstyn always found herself getting stuck in with anything that let her mind get lost in creativity. This included anything from finger painting to playing mermaids in the local aquatic centre. During her years at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, Kirstyn was introduced to the digital world and found herself consumed in it ever since, but in a good way.


Although she’s only 5’2, her lack of height is easily made up by her big personality, which includes finding her own jokes way too funny.

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