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Au Natural Skinfood approached A&M to create a campaign promoting their range of skincare products, focusing on raising brand awareness to drive conversions. We needed a campaign concept that would stand out in this highly saturated industry, while also reflecting their offering: simple, natural, nourishing ‘food’ for your skin.


Au Natural is leading the movement to reduce skin stress, by embracing the power of simplicity. 

Skin is one of the most mistreated parts of the body. It is the barrier that protects us, exposed to the elements, bombarded with constant environmental damage. Dirt, grease, wind, rain, sun damage, UV damage. The skin's job is hard enough, and we put it under even more pressure. We scrub, cleanse, peel, polish, sanitise, shave, make-up, make-down, moisturise and medicate. Disrupting the skin’s powerful, but delicate natural ecosystem.

The Power of Simplicity’ is about trusting your skin to do its job. Instead of using a wide range of skincare and beauty products which are constantly stripping and altering the skin's natural balance, use a simple few Au Natural Skinfood products to look after it. Skincare doesn't have to be complicated. We just need to feed our skin in a healthy way, like we would want to feed ourselves.

The desired outcome was to attract mothers who would purchase these products for their teenage kids, and then eventually themselves. This led us to create a video with an emotional pull that this audience would connect to - showing young women and mothers under stress.

The hero video leads with a jarring, overwhelming, fast-paced montage of skin damage. We utilised extreme close-ups to be so the audience was confronted with the skin damage up close and personal. This montage is highly emotive, sparking feelings of sympathy towards your own skin!


After this montage, we abruptly cut to a contrasting calm shot of the Au Natural range presented in a simple, beautiful, natural environment, supported by campaign messaging.

“Let’s talk about skin stress"

The term “skin stress” is an original idea for Au Natural to champion. Using the word stress also implies a connection to mental health, which is a very relevant and important topic that parents are concerned about. 

The skincare industry can be overwhelming and complicated. The idea of a simple, straightforward routine with Au Natural is attractive, especially for time-poor parents shopping for their children, or themselves.

Au Natural is leading the movement to reduce skin stress, by embracing the power of simplicity. 

A brand new photography collection for Au Natural was required to elevate their brand and support the messaging of this campaign.


We captured three types of photography:

  • Natural Environment Shots

  • Human-Centric Shots

  • Studio Shots (for retail)

We wanted the photography to be calming yet captivating. To be simple and uncluttered, but still powerful. Just like Au Natural. Speaking to the importance of stripping back, and reconnecting with the natural balance of the world and our bodies. 


It was important to get product shots in nature, since natural and local ingredients are so central to the brand’s identity.



Au Natural branding is stripped back to embrace its own simplicity, and let the photography shine.

Behind the scenes of Au Natural 'The Power in Simplicity'

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