Dark Hampton

Kate, Amie and Amanda asked us to create campaigns to promote their luxurious, stylish scarves. They needed content for their existing range of versatile cashmere modal scarves, as well as their upcoming release of wool blanket scarves. Due to the nature of Dark Hampton’s Instagram strategy, they have an ongoing requirement for a large amount of content. They challenged us to plan and execute a creative, yet extremely efficient shoot to help generate content to fulfil requirements.


A creative,
yet extremely efficient shoot

We decided that a ‘Behind the Scenes’ style creative concept would be both complimentary to the Dark Hampton brand, whilst also allowing us to capture both stills and video footage at the same time. By owning the ‘Behind the Scenes’ nature of the shoot, we were able to progress with stills, whilst creating the video simultaneously to further increase the shoot efficiencies for Dark Hampton.

We chose two unique aesthetics to promote the different products. Godley Head became our perfect backdrop for the cashmere modal scarves, a versatile accessory that could work anywhere within the diverse landscape. The dry grass and ocean waves gave a strong summer feeling, which we juxtaposed with a polar opposite setting for the winter campaign.


Our take on the winter campaign was to utilise a nearby carpark building to give a cold, urban, industrial look. The cool concrete background accentuated the thick, cosy scarves, and made for an edgy and minimalistic shoot.


The cool concrete background accentuated the thick, cosy scarves, and made for an edgy and minimalistic shoot.

We also have the privilege of helping the Dark Hampton team take their content beyond Facebook and Instagram, and venture into other digital platforms and out of home advertising too.


We created 4 pieces of creative to use on Pinterest and saw that there was a high level of engagement and pin clicks at a highly affordable cost-per-click.


 We also negotiated a placement in the “Win” section in Style Magazine. This was Dark Hampton’s first foray print media with Style magazine being a great fit for Dark Hampton as a brand.


 In June, Christchurch experienced a cold snap for a brief 48hr period – it even snowed! So we thought what better time than now to promote Dark Hampton’s wool blanket scarf offering. On the morning of the snow, we engaged VAST Digital Billboards to run a 36hr billboard campaign across 3 sites in Christchurch. Within 40mins we planned and purchased the media space, created weather contextual creative, had it all signed off by the client and were live across our sites that morning.