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Homebody Gin was Choice Beverages' first endeavour into the gin market, and we were determined to carve out a memorable and long lasting brand for the company. 

We started with only a target market and attitude: Millennials changed by busy lives, pandemic isolations and a rising cost of living. From this, the name and brand ‘Homebody’ formed. 

Homebodies are bringing the outside in. Why do bars when you can do DIY cocktails? Why do dinner when you can do potluck? Why do cinema when you can do Netflix? To a Homebody, enjoying the comfort of your own space isn’t lazy. With the right ingredients, it can be something special.

“We know there is an undeniable romance and charm to creating special moments in your own home. Choosing comfort and familiarity isn’t a guilty pleasure anymore. It’s just pleasure. Perfect the art of indulgence. Take me home with you.”

To differentiate our two gins, we chose two different days of the week to be a Homebody - Wednesday and Saturday. 

Wednesday: The mid-week treat, a reward, a distraction, a way to unwind. It’s comfort after a long day, like a warm hug from a loved one.

Saturday: For when it’s time to be the host with the most, whether it’s throwing a birthday party, a cocktail evening, or a potluck dinner. It’s a night out, in. 



The brand tone of voice is charming and even a little cheeky at times. We leaned into the feeling of romanticising comfort and guilty pleasures, almost personifying the gin so it can have a flirty dialogue with the customer.


The concept for Homebody’s design was to create a feeling of accessible luxury at home. Blending comfort with sophistication that elevates the experience of staying in.

This concept is central to our target audience’s desires. Expensive liquors are out of reach for Millennials, who have less disposable income between paying off mortgages and supporting their young families. But despite that, they still have a desire to treat themselves and indulge. We created a design that feels sophisticated, but still attainable. 

Homebody’s most memorable motif is a delicate illustration of a door. At its most obvious, the door is a connection to home. But the longer you look, the more you are drawn in. The door is inviting, intriguing, begging to be opened and explored.

We wonder, what guilty pleasures could be behind it?

The doors are illustrated in a simple hand drawn pencil style, bringing slight imperfections that humble the design, so it doesn’t feel too out of reach.

The label features classic serif typography, with a few moments of elegant calligraphy. There is something comforting about the timeless familiarity of these fonts. The serif is sophisticated, yet very warm, and the calligraphy brings a certain romance to the label that supports the flirty, indulgent brand voice. 

A unique feature of the label design is the Homebody scale displayed as part of the gin’s description. Rather than describing the flavour profile, we describe the type of occasion, leaning in further to the idea of creating special moments at home, as well as further differentiating the ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Saturday’ identities. 

The pops of colour on each label also reflect these occasions. Pink is energetic, youthful and playful to represent the social nature of the Saturday gin, and to match the colour of the liquor itself. Light blue is calming and relaxing for the Wednesday gin, perfect for unwinding after a long day. 

A simplistic yet refined packaging design complements the traditional London Dry gin inside. Serif typography, antique door illustrations, and minimal colour use, all contribute to a classic, timeless feel. These elements are structured on the label with a modern sense of minimalism to appeal to a Millennial audience’s aesthetics, communicate a sense of affordability, and to seamlessly fit into any home. 

The bottle shape is in a classic gin style. It isn’t intimidating or overstated, and the soft, round edges of the bottle emphasise a sense of comfort in line with Homebody’s messaging. 

Homebody’s design is printed onto tactile, off-white stock, with subtle embossing on the brand name and emblem.

Like the gin, just a touch of something special in the ordinary. 


Photo and video content for Homebody sets the scene for the Wednesday and Saturday gins, showing exactly what a cosy ‘night out, in’ could look like. Fly on the wall style shots capture special moments of people enjoying the gin in their own homes. 


The brand design is minimalistic, with a focus on typography, highlighting messaging on outputs like OOH.

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