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Greg, Sammy and the team at Mitre 10 were looking to create a video asset to act as an explainer video, in order to more easily onboard Mitre 10's Preferred Service Providers.


Animation was the best style for this task, as it is a great way to simplify a message whilst providing focused and easy to digest step-by-step instructions. By using simplified environments and design assets, we were able to draw attention to the key outtakes of the animation, whilst ensuring a level of interest and engagement.

It was key for the performance of the asset, that the design was creative enough to retain attention, but did not distract from the messaging.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.42.25 PM.png

Our characters were designed with a diverse customer range in mind and their inspiration was drawn from personalities currently in market such as Stan and the 'With You All the Way' patio building romance. This familiarity helped to align the different style of Mitre 10 asset with the existing creative and brand. We also utilised the 'With You All the Way' brand track to further align with Mitre 10's current brand presence.

All assets and animation were illustrated and produced in-house by our Ōtautahi based team. The voice-over was directed by our production team, recorded in studio with the Mitre 10 team and local talent in Auckland, before the final mix was completed back in Christchurch. A national effort for one of NZ’s most recognisable brands!

We’re very happy with the final output and thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Antony & Mates."

"It was great working with Antony & Mates on this project. Their communication was great - always clear, kept us updated throughout the process and aware of how things were progressing.


One thing we look for in a partner agency is the ability to stay within our existing brand, whilst delivering on our brief and adding our specific flair. By utilising our current brand track and understanding how a Mitre 10 voice should sound, the new creative fits well within the current feel.



Mitre 10 are leading the way in customer service innovation – bringing the customer ever closer to a complete journey from product choice and need fulfilment, through to easy access to installation services and expert skills.

A privilege to be able to work with one of New Zealand's most iconic and beloved household brands!

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