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Tokona Te Raki approached Antony & Mates once again to collaborate on the visual design for another big idea; Stories From the Future. This project was a part of the wider vision for Mō Kā Uri / Ngāi Tahu 2050. The document presented four possible scenarios for the future of the iwi, based on hard data and workshops with experts and whānau. The four scenarios were designed to encourage discussion and future thinking within Ngāi Tahu about what world they want to create and leave behind for their mokopuna.

Our job was to transform their big ideas into something visually captivating and digestible. 


We kicked off with a workshop with the entire team to get an in-depth understanding of each scenario and generate ideas on what they feel like visually. Referencing colours, landscapes, film, and even music to spark the imagination.

From this point, we pitched multiple ideas of how we could reflect each scenario through illustration. We landed on a combination of futuristic isometric mini-worlds and comic style panels to strike a balance between the wider picture and specific scenarios. This was done in close collaboration with members of the Tokona Te Raki team to ideate scenes and incorporate cultural elements accurately.

ISO-2 copy.png


Each isometric world was constructed in different ways to reflect the ideas of the four scenarios.


He Tipuranga Take Kore

This world is displayed on three stacked platforms, representing a rigid class structure. There are no stairs between them, no connection or way of getting up to the top if you aren’t there already. The colour palette of this world is muted and pastel, supporting ideas of a watered-down culture, and dystopian false perfection.


Whakakā i te Ahi

In this world, there are three large platforms connected at the same level, representing the Ngāi Tahu takiwā. There are a number of smaller isolated platforms on the outskirts, representing the disconnection of those who don’t live within the takiwā. The colour palette of this world is made up of blues and greens to reflect the importance of the whenua and the return to traditional cultural practices in this scenario.


Mōku, Mō āku Uri

One large platform has been fragmented into random pieces, representing the broken whānau relationships in this scenario. Floating above this platform sits a holographic marae, a new digital world full of rangatahi who have created their own safe space. The colour palette is a muted monochrome grey to reflect feelings of disconnection, and the pops of yellow represent hope, the emergence of something new.


Te Aorakitaka

This world is built of many different levels, with stairs to and from them all. Structures on walls and underneath platforms give this world a dynamic, 3-D, futuristic feel. Nature and technology combine, communities are thriving and collaborative. Traditional cultural practices are brought into the future. A vibrant colour palette at full saturation reflects this bright, energetic world full of change.

The isometric worlds are drawn with detailed, structured line work to provide an ultra-modern and technical look. The pull-out scenes are detailed with more shading in the people, leaving the backgrounds as subtle line work, to draw focus on the expressions and actions of whānau. 



The direction for the design of the document itself was highly modern and clean to reflect futuristic thinking. Spacious composition allowed breathing room for contemplation. Colour and typography for the document and illustrations were developed from the Mō Kā Uri branding.


The key consideration was creating a modern design that doesn’t feel sterile. We wanted it to be futuristic but also highly emotive. This emotion was brought through colour, the illustrations and the addition of large photography. The photography in particular, grounded this document, adding a human touch.

Mockup Two.png
Mockup 6.png
Mockup three.png
Mockup 5.png
mockup one.png
Mockup 7.png

The final product was a 52 page document which was printed as a tool to use with Ngāi Tahu whānau as they reflect on their future as an iwi in the coming years. The full document can be viewed here.

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