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In 2021, Antony & Mates had the opportunity to conceptualise the creative direction of the 2022 UCMe campaign - UC's flagship domestic student recruitment campaign which covers all forms of media from out of home to digital. We wanted to bring more vibrancy and personality than ever to the UCMe Campaign, without compromising its slick and consistent branding.

Balancing existing brand recognition with a brand new idea.

The first step to this was nailing a bright UC red colour palette for the backdrop and graphics. This colour is loud, bold and unmistakably UC. It immediately brings energy that compliments the student portraits, rather than washing them out.



UC ME 2022 24-9.jpg

Gen-Z value their identity and individuality more than any generation. We felt it was important not to dress the students in matching clothing like in previous years, but to let them express themselves in their own style. Having their real personalities shine through, makes the whole campaign more authentic and relatable.


This is assisted by the slightly more candid, relaxed portrait photography style, and a photographer that makes the students feel comfortable. We also suggested wider framing which allows the flexibility to let students pose in a way that reflects who they are, and also what is comfortable or natural to them. This photography style creates a much less contrived final product.


By letting real personality shine through, we create a campaign that is more relatable and less contrived.

Through graphic style, we created a look that was more energetic and youthful than previous campaigns. Opting for a lowercase sans serif font provides a modern look, but keeps it friendly and fun, as opposed to the uppercase text of previous years that can appear too serious.


posters-4 copy.jpg
billboard copy.jpg

We created a wavy, loopy vector line that flows through the posters, billboards, digital – and truly comes to life when animated in the videos. It is a fun and easily recognisable motif that is not without meaning. This line symbolises connection, relationships and community. It is a constant presence that flows around the student, into their study or interest (UCMe video) and around their peers. This idea reflects how UC connects students to passions, opportunities and people.

Though the individual students of this campaign are starkly different – they are all connected by this line.





In 2019, UC recognised the power of video content as part of their marketing mix and Antony and Mates were asked to develop the video strategy and production of UCMe. For 6 years, we produced 124 videos annually for UC’s UCMe campaign.

For 6 years, we produced 124 videos annually for UC’s UCMe campaign.

Through research (and experience as UC Alumni) we recognised that UC has a unique offering amongst other universities. UC has a real strength and variety in the clubs and societies culture and that is unique to the UC campus. We believed that it was important to showcase not just what the student was studying at UC, but also their extra-curricular activities, hobbies and interests.

The creative challenge was to create videos that were testimonial by nature, but had a casual and conversational feel to them.

In order to produce this campaign, we have to work quickly and efficiently in order to create quality video content en-masse. Our team meets 4-5 students in the first week of each filming month, and then all storyboarding, filming and editing is complete within 3 weeks. This enables the videos to go to market on the first day of the following month.

Having a collection of new content has been, and continues to be, an important part of the UCMe strategy. In order for Gen-Z to build a relationship with a brand, they need fresh, new content regularly. By giving UC the ability to share 10 different experiences every month, UC is seeing video views and engagement results up year on year on year for the University of Canterbury. Greater video views & engagement has meant that UC has had consistent visibility in front of their target market of prospective students, leading to 3,500+ clicks through to their website from our videos per week!

The UCMe video testimonial campaign is executed across all major social media platforms
(Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & Snapchat).

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