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The Wood Industry Development and Education Trust approached us to develop a comprehensive, end to end marketing strategy which would:

Reach and engage with stakeholders to communicate the benefits of the Trust

Educate the New Zealand public of positive stories coming out of the forestry and wood processing industries

Promote scholarships and other opportunities in the forestry industry

Key stakeholders identified:

Industry Organisations & Businesses: Companies involved in the wood or forestry industries, educational institutions, and industry leaders.

Young People: Vocational, tertiary and secondary students.

General Public: Parents and the wider New Zealand public.

How we reached & engaged our key stakeholders

Industry Organisations & Businesses:

Communicated the benefits of the WIDE Trust through a monthly blog article. These stories were good news by nature, highlighting the benefits of the trust and the finding that is available.

Young People:

Using the blog article, we developed a range of static and video content that was posted across the WIDE Trust’s social media channels. The content highlighted the success stories of students who have benefited from WIDE Trust funding, whilst promoting funding opportunities available to them.

General Public:

We communicated the positive good the Forestry and Wood industry  sectors are making in New Zealand from an economic, sustainable and educational perspective through written, static and video content. 

Example of content created

People who visit the WIDE Trust website will get ads on their Social Media.

Social Media Ads will send people to the WIDE Trust website.


People who see Organic Content will go to the WIDE Trust website to perform a conversion.

People who see Organic Content will go to the WIDE Trust website to perform a conversion.

In 2022, the WIDE Trust experienced a significant improvement in their online presence. Reach on Facebook and Instagram skyrocketed from 3,510 to 480,000 and 184 to 118,000 people, respectively, showcasing the effectiveness of the social media strategy. This success can be attributed to our commitment to creating engaging content across multiple channels. We distributed a total of 107 posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ensuring that the WIDE Trust message reached a wide audience. Additionally, we produced 8 articles and 28 videos that captivated our target markets.

Example of content created


Evolving the design direction every few months means that our audience doesn't get creative fatigue and stays engaged with our content.


Phase One


Phase Two


Phase Three

Artboard 1.png

Phase Four

The impact of our marketing efforts is evident in the impressive average monthly reach of 72,020 people. This number serves as a testament to our ability to create content that resonates with the WIDE Trust's audience. Moreover, our marketing endeavours resulted in an average of 503 monthly link clicks to the website, demonstrating that the content not only engages but also drives traffic to the website.


Overall, the marketing efforts in 2022 generated a staggering 1.5 million impressions.

Artboard 4.png
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 12ads.png
Artboard 9ads.png

The strategy of creating engaging content across multiple channels has proven to be effective in increasing the WIDE Trust's online presence and reaching a wider audience. As the WIDE trust continues to support development and education in the forestry and wood industry sectors, the Trust is well-positioned to sustain their growth and make a lasting impact.


Our B2B marketing offering is designed to support B2B businesses in achieving their goals and effectively reaching their target audiences. We utilise a diverse range of channels and strategies to engage with key stakeholders, ensuring your brand's message resonates with the right people. Through engaging blog articles, captivating static and video content, and impactful messaging, we help communicate your brand's unique offering to the audiences most likely to be interested and take meaningful action. With our comprehensive approach, your brand can establish a strong presence and build lasting connections in the B2B landscape.

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